Steve Goodson
Interest in leather work began several years ago as a hobby. After a 25-year career of selling cardiovascular surgical products, I realized that working with my hands to produce an item of use or beauty that would be a lasting treasure filled a void of gratification yet to be experienced in pursuing my past career.

Years of woodworking gave me engineering ability and creativity that easily transferred to leather work design and implementation. Initially, small projects such as leather knife sheaths and book covers were goal-worthy, but it then progressed to gun holsters, tooling, and mastering more intricate detailed work. In the course of making restaurant menu covers, a chef requested a design for a leather knife roll.

After several prototypes, I developed a product to our mutual satisfaction. Marketing this unique item has proved to be satisfying. I am always in contact with interesting people from all parts of the world who are pleased to have found this innovative product that will not only protect their valued tools, but will also enhance their individual style and ease in developing their flare as culinary artists as well.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I can testify that the quality of each Goodson Leather Knife Roll is crafted with only the best materials available, made to meet the specific needs of every customer, and have all been well accepted and cherished by each recipient.  Check out the testimonial page.

Steve Goodson

Quality Control Team