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Leather Knife Rolls

The Goodson Leather Knife Roll is a customizable carrying case for knives and other kitchen tools. 
You choose the  number of knife slots necessary to accommodate your needs. Your name or initials are hand tooled on the carrying handle.  
Every roll is hand cut, numbered, and assembled one at a time.  

All materials used in roll are of the highest quality available - leather, suede, and brass. I am never satisfied with merely meeting the needs of a client. I pay attention to every detail throughout the production process.  
Extra features of the roll include a removable accessory bag (suede), as well as, a copper-wrapped steel support bar that has been acid-washed producing a unique patina that adds structure and individualization to each roll and I consider an art form in itself.
Not all leather is perfect. There will be flaws. There are cattle brands, scars and other anomalies you might notice. Anything you see will not affect the longevity or functionally of the roll. Many believe it adds to the appeal.

Finally, communication is an essential part of customer satisfaction because without details from the client, it would be impossible to produce the unique design envisioned by each patron. The customer has a major role in the development of their leather roll. The input is not only welcome, but also encouraged in the design that will ultimately result in a successful end product.

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Jonathan Waxman

 Tan Stone Oiled Cowhide
This leather has a deep richness because it has been treated with oils, waxes and dyes in a manner that when the leather is pulled or stretched, the finish becomes lighter in the stretched areas. This results in an “Old World” effect or “Aged” look. The color returns when light heat or friction is applied to that area. This is considered a mark of high quality, thus making this durable leather perfect for knife rolls.
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The "Tile" would be good protection for your roll and knives for little cost.
You can place a small TILE in your roll and you can find where you left it last or after a while you may be able to track down where it shouldn't be!

You can check the web site and see if this would work for you. I love it myself. Site listed below.