Hi Steve,
Well today, after an extremely long exhausting week, Amelia has a day off and she opened up her knife roll. She was so happy that the wait to see it was over. Her reaction to it was wonderful.
She was very quiet and after breathing in the lovely leather smell examined every part of her roll carefully. She ran her hands over every part of the roll and was silent. When she finally looked up she said that she didn't quite know how to express how she was feeling but that she was so very grateful to own it and that it was more amazing than she ever hoped for. Then she disappeared, leaving the roll on our coffee table! Within a few seconds she returned with her arms filled with her favorite knives and very carefully slotted them all into the roll, again running her hands over the roll and her knives. She examined it all again and rolled it up, securing the buckles. With that done she picked up her roll, knives tucked neatly and safely inside, holding them all very close and again breathing in the smell. She looked at us and quietly whispered that she loved it so much and it was going to be such a major part of her future and the rest of her life. She was holding back tears when she hugged us and thanked us from her heart. It was beautiful.
Amelia is a truly kind and beautiful person and she is just thrilled to own one of your amazing pieces of art. Thank you Steve for going to so much trouble for our much loved daughter. Everyday Amelia will have her roll with her protecting her knives and sharing her life. Thank you! :))))
Thank you Steve, you have touched our hearts. Thank you.
Kindest regards,
Maddy and David.

"This Father's Day gift is beyond words....I love everything about it! The craftsmanship, the smell of leather, the patch my kids designed for me and my knives fit perfectly. My coworkers are definitely envious of my bag. Thank You just doesn't seem to be enough...this is definitely a
one-of-a-kind knife roll that I will cherish for a lifetime!
Chef Rodney Ignacio"

I want to thank you again for what you do. But as you know I couldn't just email you I had to call you as soon as I received it to thank you over the phone. You are a true artist and craftsman. Seeing your work in pictures on the web, I had been wanting to order this roll from you for a little over a year or so. When I finally decided to order I wasn't disappointed at all. Between the excellent personal customer service and the true quality of your knife rolls. I'm very happy and proud to put my knifes in this work of art.
Thank you again
Chef Matt "Tank" W

Custom leather knife roll by Steve Goodson. A fellow artist making custom leather works unlike any other I've been able to find. Really great product with real craftsmanship, customized, durable.
Chef Ryan Hildebrand

H Steve,
My new knife roll arrived just before work yesterday and I've finally had the chance to get a good look at it and boy am I happy I picked you to work with! The craftsmanship is incredible, the leather is simply gorgeous (and the entire room smells like hide, that's got to be a plus), and you've been an absolute joy to talk to and work with from the beginning. I'm so happy you included a few business cards as a chef friend of mine commented when she saw it how jealous she is (and that's without the new knives in it yet) so I had to give her your info.
​Again, thank you so much for, well, for being who you are. I'm genuinely gushing about the knife roll and I know I'll love it for years and probably decades to come.
All the Best,
Chef Mike.

I splurged on a few new knives just because I felt the ones I had from culinary school would have been an insult to this kind of quality in a knife roll.
The craftsmanship is impeccable and nothing I've seen comes remotely close. Nothing.
Let's just say if I ever have kids, they'll probably fight over it.
Thank you so much for your outstanding work and customer service.
Thanks again,
The proud owner of knife roll #644,
Michael Pamplin

Just got it during service and had to hold back the tears. Its not just a knife roll to me, its a symbol of all the hard work over 29 years dedicated to my craft. More beautiful than any pic could show. You can see and feel the quality and love. Thanks Steve I won’t forget you. Maybe some knife sheathes for me if you have time. TAKE MY MONEY! You rock!
Rob Bechtold
Chef Owner
NOLA Smokehouse
739 Jackson ave
New Orleans, LA

Raymond Gogue
So it arrived in the mail today and all I can say is WOW!!! Quality is top notch. I really don't have any words to express how thrilled I am about this knife roll. I've gone through Shun, Messermeister, Chefpak, and Yak Pak knife rolls and this by far is the absolute BEST knife roll I've had and can see this lasting years to come. Product Quality: A+. Communication: A+. Delivery Time: A+. The only thing I'm mad about is that I spent all that hard earned money on those other knife rolls before I found yours!!! Lol. Thank you so much and I'll be spreading the word around Austin about your work. Ray

I must say that when the knife roll arrived it surpassed every expection I had. It's one thing to see pictures on the net, but pictures don't do you justice. The quality of workmanship... I can easily see lasting me MANY years to come far surpassing the Shun, Chefpak, Messermeister, and YakPak rolls I've gone through in just the last two years. The quality of materials is top notch. The all brass rivets construction means there's not a stitch of thread that can fray on this thing meaning many years of service to come. I've also never had the pleasure of dealing with an online purchase where the communication between buyer and artisan was so on point. Should this make your testimonial page: To all those researching for a knife roll to protect the tools of your trade, to those looking for a top quality product to house those 1000.00 knives...look no further. When purchasing a Custom Goodson Knife Roll you are buying a product made with great attention to detail, quality materials, and built to your personal needs. It really doesn't get any better than this. And FWIW, I am receiving no compensation for this review. I'm just one extremely satisfied customer and hopes this review will save someone the time and money of going through 5 different knife rolls when all they need is yours!
p.s. Did I mention I LOVE THIS KNIFE ROLL?!? Lol.
Wishing you continued success,

Derrick Purcell
Baltimore, Maryland
December 17, 2010
Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding work customer service I received during my interaction with you.
Steve just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for excellent craftsmanship as well as your professional customer service. I'm well please with the handcrafted knife roll you created for' me. It really means a lot when someone can take your thoughts and create a piece of work as flawless as you have done. Well done my friend, I have already begun to show the roll to my colleagues. May GOD continue to bless your hands, mind, body, spirit, family and your business. Please find enclosed payment for services you provided.
Warm regards,
Derrick Purcell

John A
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"I love my new leather knife roll! Everyone loves it. I had been searching for a couple of years for a unique roll, and this is perfect. Custom made to my specifications and my needs. Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with. He maintained good communication throughout the process and kept me apprised with progress reports to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. The beautiful leather and fine craftsmanship make my bag the envy of all chefs and knife enthusiasts. I highly recommend it. "

Lauren Coyne
Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
Cambridge, MA
"I am a pastry chef and I needed an extra-large roll to accommodate all my equipment. Steve designed a beautiful roll to meet my exact needs, including a shoulder strap to help carry when I have all my gear. I have received a ton of compliments on the craftsmanship and design."

Daniel Ryan
"As a professional chef giving a gift to another professional chef I was very apprehensive without physically seeing the product. Upon receiving the knife roll both of use were immediately impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. It is both beautiful and practical and has become an indispensable accompaniment to our tools."

Mike Moxley
Just wanted to thanks you for the knife roll. Your pictures and description on the web site do not do your work justice and I am truly proud to own it. I take every opportunity to show it to friends and their reaction is the same as mine when I saw it for the first time...WOW. Once again. Thanks you

Michael Symon
I find it to be useful and well made, thank you again.
“Live To Cook”,
Michael Symon

Biloxi, Mississippi
Thank you the knife roll. It is a show stopper, everyone comments on it. I was professional chef and now work in food sales. I had to become portable, a knife roll was my answer but your custom knife roll is fantastic. Great feel and look, hand made to tough and functional. This is a knife roll that is worth every penny and will surely last as long I could want. In the year I have had my knife roll I have utilized it numerous times and feel proud to keep my "tools of the trade" in something as unique and professional as your knife. Thanks Steve. Good luck and enjoy life!

Elkings Park, Pennsylvania
The knife roll is better than I hoped for. The leather is beautiful, the craftsmanship is excellent, and Steve was great about putting the custom touches I wanted into it to make the roll unique. I look forward to using it for years to come....

San Francisco, California
I love the knife roll. It was great being able to get it custom made to the knives that I need in it. I was a bit concerned at first about how nice it looked, but after a few months of throwing it around and spilling sauces and oils on it, it looks awesome and its softened up a bit. It's super durable and will last a long time. It could possibly be the last knife roll I ever need. I've given out you're number to quite a few people who've asked about the kit, you deserve the business. Thanks a ton.

Adam C Pearson
"Ive been on the hunt for a leather knife roll for years. A late night Google image search landed me on Steve's site and I was blown away.
Exactly what I had been searching for, a handcrafted handsome leather knife roll. As a food stylist I'm always on the go, working in kitchens around the world and in desperate need of a knife roll that would keep my tools safe. One email later the process started, and I literally had the custom made knife roll a few days later. A perfect fit .
A solidly built handcrafted work of art. Thanks again."

Richard T. Arkwright III
Dear Steve and your Customers,
A master craftsman and a genuine pleasure to work with!
When I received my first roll I was blown away. I immediately asked him to craft another roll for my bonsai tools, hunting knives, and for a friend. He uses premium leather and high quality brass rivets thoughtfully placing the tools/knives so that they roll up in a functional and protective manner.
Steve took the time to make sure every aspect of my multiple rolls was precisely how I wanted them. He added a personal touch and attention to detail that was priceless.
I have sampled multiple household brands looking for the perfect knife roll or case, and none of them have satisfied. This roll not only protects my knives, it creates a mobile work platform that displays my tools artfully and functionally.
Each piece he prepared for me was a work of art that I feel confident I will pass down to my grandchildren along with the heirlooms they contain.
Thank you for your craftsmanship and attention to detail. I truly appreciate your work, but I am more thankful for your friendship.

Rocco Romeo
“I wanted a durable knife roll that would last me a life time, this is it. The craftsmanship is exceptional and Steve was willing to do any customization I desired. I keep getting compliments left and right. –Rocco Romeo (Chef Apprentice, The Farmhouse, Kansas City, MO)”

Eric J. Cianci
Max's Oyster Bar
West Hartford, CT
Steve I love the roll! Works great for what I need in a compact roll. Better than the picture and it was so easy to order a custom knife roll that is truly unique. Again many thanks my friend!

Chef Judy Joo
Exec Chef Playboy Club London
Iron Chef UK
I love my knife roll.

Jessica Marks, Private Chef, New Zealand / France
I love my handmade knife roll! Its incredibly unique and a very stylish way to look after my knives and equipment. The craftsmanship and quality of leather are excellent and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Steve. I was able to design and create my own knife roll over the internet and have it sent all the way to New Zealand! Thanks again!

Paul Weckman
Covington, KY
"The roll is exactly what I've been looking for! The craftsmanship and quality are second to none!" Thanks, Just getting my roll broken in. I get all sorts of compliments on it and continue to give your info out. Thanks, Paul

Josh Thames
Hi Steve...
My knife roll is the envy of all of my co-workers and professional friends, I definitely given out your cards and information to everyone I know. I couldn’t be happier with my knife roll. The tool pouch design is genius, I really appreciate that. It fits my recipe journal, measuring spoons, needle nose tweezers, its perfect and the snap in design is really great. I'll be pushing co-workers in your direction for years to come and I hope I can provide you with some business. Postings on KF and Foodie forums to come soon. I really like what you’re doing for the professional community and hope you keep working for years to come. Best wishes

Chef Nathan Lemley
Steve designed an amazing custom knife roll to fit my specific needs. The quality and craftsmanship are better than I could have imagined. This roll will surely last me a lifetime and become even more beautiful as it ages.

Loved it!!!! Both him and me. He was so surprised and happy. It's a beautiful piece of work. Thank you so much! I'm sure there will be a post on the knife forum in the next few days . The check is in the mail. It was so nice working with you I will certainly pass your cards out to all my lady friends who have chef husbands, such a great gift. Thanks again !! Jen

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to let you know I finally received the roll today and it's amazing! The leather is very beautiful and all the knives fit perfectly. Thanks very much for your work and quick replys to my e-mails! I am very happy with the result!
All the best from Holland,

I just received the roll today!! I managed to sneak away into the laundry room and locked myself in to take a short peak. It looks great! The name was beautifully done, I appreciate how you custom made the Norwegian Ø, we're pretty used to having the letters being substituted when ordering things overseas. I'm really surprised as to how the roll feels so nice to the touch. It's really rough and has a cool look, but feels in some way delicate. I tried his knives as well and they fit perfectly, just as you predicted. I saw that you put some visit cards in the extra pocket. I left them there for the time being, but I'm gonna make sure to put them in some well placed hands! I know of two great cooks of whom I know already got a roll, but you never know if they might be interested in a very special one. Plus that they'll know a lot more people who might be interested.
So far I'm very happy with the roll, and I'll make sure to give you a new update at Christmas as to how Torgeir liked it.

Hi Steve!
I wanted to let you know that your knife roll was a smashing success! Jake loves it - and we just posted pictures of it on our blog here: http://thebutcherandthebaker.blogspot.com
Have a Happy New Year, and again, thanks SO much. And congrats on your 100th roll!
All the best,

YOU ARE AWESOME … LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!! Thanks so much … I’ll let my assistant know to look for this special package ;-)
I’ll send a check from home this week.
Really appreciate this piece of art that will be cherished for years to come !
Happy Holidays Steve !!!

Matt Luce
I couldn't wait to give my wife her birthday present, and she loves it. Your roll compliments the knife set I bought her perfectly. Thank you so much. You did fine work, and it was worth every penny. I predict this is an item they'll be fighting for when were gone.

Well everyone at Marquee Grill apparently thinks I am the coolest wife ever! My car no longer smells like garlic and fish, and he asked me for all of your business cards. Yea us! Thank you again! Oh and I got a nice and sparkley necklace because I warned him about how amazing his gift was going to be. So my plan worked all the way around.
Happy New Year to you and Barb!

Trey Bell
I am ecstatic - I will throw some business you way for sure.

Hi Steve -
My father absolutely loved the knife roll. In fact all of his knives were fully transferred within the hour of opening the gift. I think every friend that has stopped by for a cocktail has been shown the roll; it is making the rounds. I know he and my mother are planning a dinner party so he can further show it off.
It has been a pleasure working with you and I plan to recommend your services to any friends and colleagues that are looking for a unique and personalized gift for the cook in their life.
Thank you again and happy new year!

Hey Steve,
Just wanted to let you know my son LOVES his knife roll. He was very impressed and excited!
Thank you so much. You are a true craftsman.
God bless you this new year,

Garrett W
Hello Steve!
The roll looks amazing! You truly are a master of your craft. Thank you very much for customizing it for me. Sorry for the late response, I was at work all day yesterday preparing for news eve. Willie Nelson is staying at the hotel and playing ACL so we have been swamped. I will have your check mailed out today. Thank you very much.
Steve it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Best regards,

money is on the way!
Thanks again!!One of the best things I have ever spent my money on!

Rémy Couture
Chef Pâtissier
CRémy Pâtisserie Inc.
2202 av. Mont-Royal E, Montréal
It had been a pleasure.
By the way my wife almost cry went she receive the roll!!

Hi Steve,
Hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for the knife roll, I got it and it’s everything I hoped for and perhaps a bit more! Couldn’t be happier, the only problem is that I want to take it everywhere! hehehe

Got the bag today, that is probably the sickest knife bag I have ever seen in my career. I LOVE IT. if i could would scream it from the roof top but I would most likely slip off. Diana sent the check out this morning to you so you should have it beginning of the week. I will hand your card out to every chef I know. I hope you are well.
Keep in touch.

Andres- Pedasi, Panama, Central America
“I’m in love with my knife roll, it exceeded my expectations. Steve gave me the best possible service and my knives look beautiful in my new leather roll! Couldn’t ask for more!”

Tina Freeman
My son loves the knife roll, we were very impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship. This was truly a unique and special gift, and your work is outstanding. Thank you so much!

Dear Steve,
Sorry it has taken so long for me to express my appreciation for your work.
I had gotten one of your rolls as a Christmas gift and I have had the envy of all my coworkers since. And since I work in pastry, the smaller bag has proven to be extremely handy for holding all my smaller pastry tips and tools (unlike other bags/rolls that offer a flat zipper pouch with limited space). It is very much apparent that you take pride in your work. Overall, the leather and individual components that used to assemble your rolls are of exceptional quality as far as I can tell. Actually....it looks better now than when I had first gotten it. Which means a lot since it was already beautiful to begin with.

Torgeir P. Hindøy
Hello there Steve
My name is Torgeir and I recieved a piece of your outstanding craftmanship as a christmas present from my girlfriend. She told me that as far as she knows I am the only one in Norway to own one, and I can understand why. She told me you would like to hear how I like the gift, and I can tell you I love it. I am currently using to to protect my favorite knives and cuttlery for when I am on the move. I do like camping and going outdoors and your leather kit is ideal for just this purpouse and when I am not using it outdoors I have it mounted in our living room for display. Thank you so much for crafting this for me. I have spoken well of your work, as I hope work like this gets appreciated by as many as possible.
Thank you

The knife roll arrived today and it is even more beautiful than I expected. I know Alex is going to love it. Now only one problem remains....waiting until May 23 to give it to him! I am the most terrible secret keeper and have already said "OH I just cannot WAIT until your birthday....I got you something pretttttty great this year" :)
Thanks again for everything--keep in touch and if you're ever in Chicago we'd love to buy you a drink :)
Have a great day--

OMG it is absolutely stunning ,I can’t wait to bring her with me as I enter into an exciting new Food journey. Thank you Steve,. I read many of the words people had written about your product,and they are ALL SO TRUE. You were lovely from beginning to end ,I thank you from my heart. See you in Houston
Hasta Luego ,

Steve, The roll is so beautiful...and soft. I love it...thank you so much. My husband has written you a note...he wants you to make him something. Steve, when my check goes through, will you please send me a receipt so that I can write my roll off at the end of the year? Thanks again, The Proud Owner of a Steve Goodson Knife Roll:) ps. Your craftsmanship is exceptional!

Ryan, Portland OR
This roll is my single favorite purchase since I began cooking. I love this thing! It is not just a roll that goes over my shoulder or on a shelf it is now a part of my identity as a cook and who I am in the kitchen. I love unrolling it everyday and feeling the leather and suede in my hands. The craftsmanship and beauty is unmatched. I have had numerous other cooks ask me about it as well as people stopping me on the street as I walk to work. Customers in the restaurant have seen me with in the kitchen and have come to the door to ask me about it. I appreciate well made products and great craftsmen and this roll is the result of both of those. Thank you so much Steve.

I got back in town yesterday and received the roll. I was too excited to wait for mikes birthday so I gave it to him straight away. He was floored and said it was the best birthday present he's ever gotten.
Thank you so much for your excellent craftsmanship. I'm sure he will be the envy of every kitchen he steps into from now on. I've already referred you to a friend who may be placing an order around Christmas.

Hello Steve,
Since the day before yesterday, you've made me a happier man. I feel privileged to own a piece of equipment like this beautiful knife roll. And the fact that I know that I'll keep it for the rest of my life is just a joy. Because in times were things are going faster and faster, and technology is ever changing, it's just incredibly nice to hold, see and feel something that is made with love, by hand and by someone who knows what he is doing. And custom made.
I would like to thank you first of all for this beautiful piece of material, but also for the way we've been in contact. Because I see that it makes this all so much more personal, even if we are both on the other side of the globe. Otherwise I would have never written this mail.
Many greetings from your friend in Sweden,

Hi Steve,
I got the knife roll yesterday at work. It was a hit with everyone at work. I gave it to my fiance last night and he was so excited. He loved it. He knew exactly who made it. He is looking forward to showing it off to his coworkers when he goes to work today. I will have to take a picture of him with it. He was excited about the shoulder strap, loved the initials, the buckles, the rivets... everything. He said that it will definitely fit everything. Thank you so much. It's beautiful and was the perfect gift. I am so glad that I was able to give it to him. Thank you for making that happen.

Simone , Norway
Deare mr Steve,
I don't know if you remember me, but I ordered a chef-knife-role 2 years ago as a christmas present for my norwegian fiancé. He was extremely pleased and is still showing it off at every bbq we have. At the time I told you he was my fiancé as we'd been together for 5 years and were planning on getting married sometime in the future, but as a matter of fact wasn't it official yet.
So what happened that christmas when I presented him with that awesome gift was that he got on one knee and asked me to marry him infront of his entire family!! And now we're finaly getting married this summer June 23th. Then I thought, what would be greater then if is wedding gift from me would come from you, as he also got one when we got engaged :)
Looking forward to hear from you,

​Hi Steve,
I got the knife roll yesterday at work. It was a hit with everyone at work. I gave it to my fiance last night and he was so excited. He loved it. He knew exactly who made it. He is looking forward to showing it off to his coworkers when he goes to work today. I will have to take a picture of him with it. He was excited about the shoulder strap, loved the initials, the buckles, the rivets... everything. He said that it will definitely fit everything. Thank you so much. It's beautiful and was the perfect gift. I am so glad that I was able to give it to him. Thank you for making that happen!

Randy and Gina Zwingler
Dear Steve,
Our son Jarod, a 25 year old, tough as nails yacht chef, just called us from the islands minutes ago. He had just received his knife roll. His Christmas gift. As he thanked us for the most wonderful gift his voice choked. It was so much more than he had thought it would be. You were right. It's a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Thank you so much for making this possible.
Blessed holidays to you and yours,
Randy and Gina Zwingler

Hi Steve,
My knife roll arrived today. It is simply a masterpiece! Your creation is a wonderfully designed workpiece that posesses simple elegance superimposed with a rugged functionality - an ideal example of form following function. It is perfect for my quiver of fishing knives, and I'm so glad you were able to fit my boat's name, Brace Yourself, on the handle. I can't wait to unroll it this summer to fillet striped bass for the grill and bluefin tuna for sushi! I'll send you a picture with the roll when I get a big one!
Thank You and Best Regards,

Sarah Jane Hunt
Good morning Steve,
I love the roll you made for me. I receive compliments on it everywhere I go. Alfred recognized it's beauty immediately.
I hope you are well & enjoying life.
Your friend,
Sarah Jane Hunt

Cleetus Friedman
executive chef
i just wanted to drop a note to tell you now much i love my knife roll. anywhere i go, i am stopped to talk about it, but the most is that it is extremely durable. thank you so much for such a unique item and keep up the good work.
Note: Chef Friedman had his roll stolen and bought a replacement.

Hi there steve
I received the roll today which was earlier than expected, great! Hope you received payment ok as I've never done a over sea transaction!
Thank u very much for making it in perfect time, and it's brilliant, quality and design is also perfect, you are definitely the master at making these. I'm certainly happy I researched and followed your reviews and comments as you truly lived up to them, my boyfriend will love it, can't wait to give it to him!
Merry Christmas/ Happy thanks giving.
Kind regards

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to send along a picture of my bf and his knife roll from Christmas. He adores it, takes it everywhere and has shown every coworker chef he knows about it!
Wishing you all the best in the New Year and thank you so much for the
greatest gift I have ever given someone. Truly one of a kind!
PS- once the restaurant is open, I'll send along another pic with his logo in the background.

From: John Fraise, purchased roll #155
Been awhile but I wanted to let you know about the joy your work brought my nephew “the new chef”. He began after graduating his career at The Hyatt in downtown Denver. He related that each night he would leave work, it never failed that someone would comment on his knife roll. I know that doesn’t reflect in an increase in your business necessarily, but, it does relate to your craftsmanship. He has since moved away from there and is still working in another area of Colorado and has great pride in his knife roll that, by the way, “no one else touches”. Just wanted to pass this along to show that your work is appreciated. Enjoyed doing business with you.
sous chef @ Maven
Salem, Oregon
​Thanks again!

Michael Pamplin​
But I wanted to tell you a little story involving your work..
Something kind of funny happened when I was in Portland, Oregon a couple months ago.
Like I said, I was going to splurge on some new knives so I visited Portland House of Knives. (A business expanding from Phoenix.) The owner wanted to see my roll because he had heard of them , but had never seen one in person. He was very impressed by the way.
Anyways, as I was leaving with my knives and a few other new purchases, a guy from the Neue southern food truck next door ran out and stopped me...
"Did you get that from a guy in Texas!?"... He asks.
As I continued to talk to him and his wife for awhile, I discovered he bought two rolls from you supposedly in the very early days. Their story was they ran onto your work in a hard to find knife forum thread, so the wife received one as a gift, then the jealous husband had to have one of his own. I believe they were from north Carolina.
They were ecstatic to hear how well you were doing, to get your name again, and to check out the website.
So I guess in that, your work has traveled well. That's what happens when people care about what they do.
Thanks Steve, and congratulations on the 700th roll!!

Hi Steve,
I recently got to gift the custom leather knife roll to my boyfriend. I wanted to tell you how perfect it is and how much he loves it. We took a trip to New York right before I gave it to him, and he was on the hunt for a new roll... and he was pretty upset that he couldn't find anything up to par in the entire city. When I surprised him with your creation, he was thrilled, and couldn't even imagine that a roll could be that beautiful. The staff in his kitchen are certainly envious!
Thank you for all your work and for bringing this to life!